Monument Valley
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Marquee widgets are great for curated content where one (1) items is heavily promoted with some three (3) supporting pieces of content.

For example, you might use the the promoted spot to highlight a specific premium event in your destination (such as a concert by a major artist) and the remaining slots are used to direct visitors to find hotels in the area, other events they may be interested in, and maybe a link to the sign up form for your newsletter.

The come in 3 different layouts: StandardFull Width, and Side-by-Side.


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29/2 Aurland

This area has been settled since the Viking Age, and there are several old burial mounds in…

Alm Gard

Try our homemade products: milk, yogurt, ice cream, juice, honney, jam and meat. We can offer a…

Alværn Gard

Alværa farm is beautifully situated by the Sognefjord, only 3 km. from Lavik which is a small…

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