Accommodation, food & drink in Kaupanger

Accommodations and Camping in Kaupanger

For a comfortable stay, you have the Vesterland Feriepark offering cozy rooms, exceptional service and cabins. During summer time Timber Cafe is open. 

The Raven's Nest

For a truly unique experience, stay in the cabin of Ramnereiret, also known as "The Raven's Nest." This charming, cabin offer a cozy retreat surrounded by mighty nature, providing an unforgettable and tranquil escape you will remember for a lifetime. In these woods the viking where hunting and overlooking incoming danger on the fjord. The Raven´s  Nest is build in a unique norse style you never have seen before.  

Amble Gard: A Fruit Lover's Paradise

Visit and stay at the picturesque fruit farm, Amble Gard, where you can indulge in the region's finest produce. Enjoy a taste of freshly picked fruits while taking in the lush orchards and gardens that paint a vibrant picture of Kaupanger's fertile landscape. Taste the local made Cider, overnight in small houses build for more than hundred years ago. The fjord view is monumental! 

SmakeMeir at the Science Center ViteMeir

What about lunch or dinner? Or just a cup of coffee and a waffle at SmakeMeir? SmakeMeir means Taste More and are happy to serve you delicious home made meal. 

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