Accommodation, Food & Drink in Gudvangen

Rest and Relaxation: Where to Stay in Gudvangen

For a comfortable and memorable stay in Gudvangen, you have a range of accommodation options.

The Gudvangen Fjordtell, a charming waterfront property, offers a cozy retreat with breathtaking fjord views, and windows that allow you to gaze at mountaintops 1,400 meters above. Alternatively, the Gudvangen Budget Hotel is an excellent option for those seeking affordable yet comfortable lodgings.

Camping enthusiasts will find their paradise in Gudvangen. Vang Camping and Gudvangen Camping, nestled in the stunning Nærøydalen valley, provide a unique opportunity to connect with nature while having access to essential amenities.

Nestled in the middle of UNESCO Nærøyfjord you will find Nærøyfjorden Camping


Stalheim Hotel. Perched on a cliff 500 meters above Nærøydalen Valley.

Stalheim Hotel offers a stunning panorama of wild mountains and lush landscapes. Its unique location provides a tranquil retreat, suspended in nature. The hotel's rich history intertwines with the Stalheim Museum, showcasing the region's cultural heritage. Adding a royal touch, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany visited in the early 20th century, leaving an enduring mark on the hotel's legacy. Stalheim Hotel invites guests to experience a timeless blend of nature and history, where each moment unveils a captivating tapestry of beauty and heritage.

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