Grocery stores along the Sognefjord

On a journey along the Sognefjord, you can stop at the local Grocery stores and outlets.

Here you can shop locally and make some good purchases. Here you will find, among other things, freshly picked strawberries or raspberries and freshly squeezed juices and lemonades.

Today Balholm AS produces juice, fruit drink, must and cider in Balestrand. Since the region here is one of the oldest fruit areas in the country, they have gathered knowledge and tradition in good association under the theme of fruit. Tasty and amazing drinks are developed in teams which have knowledge and creativity. And the products they create are popular and are now being distributed around the country. 

Sognasmak is an information and experience center for local food and drink, with its own outlet on Håbakken in Lærdal.

Sognasmak, Lærdal

Tine Dairies and Cheesebar is a café in the center of Vik that has a sale of various dairy products from Tine, and which ensures that everyone who comes by gets a taste of The old Cheese and gets to hear about the unique properties of The Old Cheese.

Amble Gard in Kaupanger - At the farm sale you can taste the different apple juices we produce, buy a glass, fill a bottle or buy a carton of award-winning apple juice. We also have eggs from our own hens, honey produced in the organic apple garden and locally produced jams and jellies.

Along the Lustrafjord you will find a cosy small bakery, Lustrabui bakery. The bread is baked in a wood-fired stone oven which gives the bread a rich taste and aroma. Or how about a Luster bun, cinnamon roll, fruitcake or apple muffins?

Eplet Bed & Apple is a combined hostel and small scale juice producer. We get half our income from guests and half from our juice products. We press various fruits and berries during the year. Most of the berries we grow ourselves, most of the fruits we buy. Blueberries we pick wild in the forests.

Eplet Bed & Apple, Solvorn

In the old Lærdalsøyri, in the old charming building environment we find Landhandelen (the General Store) which is an outlet with short-distance local product and assortment of food. Here you find both natural ecological products and delicious specialties. Pastries, local drinks and cheese, and high quality short-distance meat dishes.

The goat cheeses from Undredal are made from fresh, raw milk from own goats. Since both brown cheese and white cheese are made, no part of the milk is lost. Milk in - cheese out.

Geitost frå Undredal

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