Fridtjof the Bold, the mighty statue at Vangsnes

The Artistic Sognefjord's Cultural Gems

Experience arts by the Sognefjord


In this article, you find key cultural hubs such as Sogn Kunstsenter in Lærdal, Kunstbygda Balestrand, Høyviksalen in Balestrand, Heradshuset and Galleri Vinjum in Aurland, and Galleri Walaker.

Additionally, we delve into an outdoor exhibition featuring monumental masterpieces like Fridtjov den Frøkne, Kong Bele, Baldersteinen, Rallaren, and Gjest Baardsen.


Sogn Kunstsenter in Lærdal

Sogn Kunstsenter a dynamic cultural hub in Lærdal. Here, the walls come alive with a diverse array of contemporary art. On the basis of the artist Hans Gjesme's collection of about 1500 works was build. The Art Centre displays both works by Hans Gjesme, as well as museum and contemporary art exhibitions. Sogn Kunstsenter serves as a vibrant platform for local and international artists to converge.


Kunstbygda Balestrand and Høyviksalen, (The Høyvik hall)

 Kunstbygda (The art village of) Balestrand, a picturesque village steeped in artistic legacy.  Høyviksalen in Balestrand is a cultural gem 

The Høyvik Hall, where all chairs, tables, portals and mirror frames have been carved in the dragon style by the artist Ivar Høyvik.

Four generations have been collecting the original artworks that now grace the walls of Kviknes Hotel. At the heart of the hotel's large collection are the artists for whom Balestrand was a source of inspiration. Artists such as Hans F. Gude, Johannes Flintoe and Hans Dahl were regular guests at the hotel or built themselves houses in the village.


Heradshuset and Galleri Vinjum in Aurland 

Works bequeathed by Aurland artist Johannes Vinjum are on display at the gallery. The Galleri ist situated in Heradshuset in the city center.

Monet, light and air, sensing and experience were key keywords for the artist. Motifs he held on to all his life were the childhood fjord and mountain landscape, person and child faces and above all children in birthday parties. The gallery can be found in Heradshuset - In the summer extend opening hours.


Galleri Walaker

Gallery Walaker 300 was opened in the old out-house building just behind the Walaker hotel in  the village of Solvorn.

This gallery, housed in a charming 17th-century building, seamlessly blends history with contemporary art. As visitors traverse its rooms, they encounter a captivating dialogue between the past and present, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. Exhibitions by local and nationally known artists are held in this heritage building.


Outdoor Monuments

The allure of Sognefjord's art extends beyond gallery walls to the great outdoors. Monumental statues and masterpieces like Fridtjov den Frøkne, Kong Bele, Baldersteinen, Rallaren, and Gjest Baardsen punctuate the landscape, inviting onlookers to engage with art in a natural setting. Monuments with its unique story and cultural significance.

Sognefjord's artistic landscape shows the region's  cultural heritage and its continuous evolution. From contemporary expressions within the walls of Sogn Kunstsenter to the timeless charm of Galleri Walaker and the outdoor monuments that echo the tales of the past, the Sognefjord region proves to be a canvas where art and nature converge, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a cultural journey that transcends time.

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