Mountain lodges in the Sognefjord

Sognefjord has many staffed mountain lodges/cabins (run by the Norwegian Trekking Association - DNT). At Fanaråken, you will find the highest-lying lodge of the DNT in Norway. There you can sleep at an altitude of 2,068 metres.

Anyone can use DNT's cabins, and everyone who comes to a cabin will have a place to sleep. Booking is not needed, but you should verify in advance that the cabin is open if you are going to a staffed logde. Accommodation costs from NOK 100-200 for a self-serviced/no-service cabin to NOK 700 for a staffed lodge with all the meals (members' price). If you stay in a dormitory the price might be lower. Membership in DNT also gives you a discount.

DNT has three different cabins: 

No-service cabins: You need to bring your own food, and the cabins are either unlocked or locked with the DNT's standard key. Usually equipped with kitchen utensils, blanks or duvets and pillows. 

Self-service cabins: The same as a no-service cabins, but equipped with provisions you can purchase.

Staffed lodges: These cabins serve breakfast and dinner. Many have showers and electricity.

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