Experience the local food along the Sognefjord

Along the Sognefjord you can taste both local, short-distance and traditional food.

You can visit companies that are an experience in themselves, or find a company where you can sleep peacefully and well, and have a meal that gives you a local and memorable experience.

In the summer you can join cider tasting at the Cider House in Balestrand and learn how they distill brandy and make sparkling cider using the traditional method. Learn how to make small dishes/snacks and enjoy the tastes afterwards with a cidertray. Chef Tuba Ardic will teach you how we combine Norwegian local products with Mediterranean food culture. 

At Kviknes Hotel, we place great emphasis on culinary experiences. Local ingredients are used as far as possible and the Sognefjord is an outstanding larder. Hotel manager Sigurd Kvikne and our head waiter can offer wines from our extensive cellar to complement your dining experience.

At Dragsvik Fjordhotell you can sit down in our restaurant and let your eyes feast upon the fjord and mountain landscape surrounding it. In our restaurant we offer local and traditional courses, and house specialties based on local ingredients - and we really do try to keep our food as local as possible. 

Tine Dairies and Cheesebar is a café in the center of Vik that has a sale of various dairy products from Tine, and which ensures that everyone who comes by gets a taste of The old Cheese and gets to hear about the unique properties of The Old Cheese.

At Leikanger Fjordhotel, the kitchen is inspired by the proximity to the sea and the Sognefjord's dishes. On the à la carte menu and buffet you will find seafood delicacies with seasonal fresh vegetables. 

Kafè Heiberg, which is part of De Heibergske Samlinger - Sogn Folkemuseum in Kaupanger, is Debio certified and offers a selection of organic refreshments, hot and cold drinks, as well as something to eat.

Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel is a beautiful white tree hotel down by the Fjærlandsfjord. For us, food is much more than eating. It is the whole process, from the history of the land, to the farmers, to how it is grown, where it comes from, when it is available, and the creativity involved in turning valuable ingredients into a meal. Staying true to the essence of Nordic Cuisine, we do our best to make the most of what we have, which is access to an incredible variety of local produce. From the local fish, deer, beef, lamb, honey, potatoes, dairy and our own herb garden, along with seasonal produce that we get from further afield, we aim to create delicate, simple and wholesome food. All to be enjoy with our selection of French wines, locally crafted beer, and ciders.

At Brævasshytta in Fjærland you can enjoy local food while enjoying the view of Bøyabreen as the nearest neighbor. If you are lucky, you can experience calving of the glacier. At Brævasshytta they serve homemade cakes and Norwegian traditional dinner.

Lokalmat på Skjolden Hotel

Skjolden Hotel is worth a journey where the season determines the menu with produce from our local food heroes in Skjolden and Luster. Herbs from the hotel's kitchen garden. Vegetables, fruit and berries from our plots at the farmer in the village. Crayfish from the Luster fjord.

Walaker Hotel lies in the middle of the natural pantry of inner Sogn! There are langoustines from the fjord, venison from the mountains, berries growing as far as the eye can see, farmhouse cheeses, home-made apple juice, raspberry nectar and lots of other small-scale producers.

At Lindstrøm Hotel in Lærdal, we like to make good, home-made food. We have plenty of good, local fruit and vegetables from Lærdal and we love to make use of them in the kitchen. Here, you will enjoy memorable food and plenty of it. 
Flåm Marina 

Tya Brewery and Bakery - With its fantastic location in the center of Øvre Årdal, Tya Brewery is a unique meeting place. Tya brewery has brewed over 25 different types of beer, and the number is constantly increasing. Tya Bakery offers customers its good, locally produced baked goods without artificial additives and with the use of little yeast. Long rising time and the use of your own sourdough gives better taste and good shelf life.

Close to the UNESCO Nærøyfjord is Gudvangen Fjordtell Seafood restaurant and À La Carte restaurant where you get to experience an extraordinary dining experience that goes hand in hand with the spectacular location. Gudvangen Fjordtel is proud to collaborate with local meat suppliers and offers Norwegian, organic seasonal food.

Ægir Bryggeripub

At Ægir BrewPub you get a presentation and tasting of Ægir's different beers and aquavit. Perfect for couples and larger groups. Discover a new value of smell and taste, and learn the story of the beer and different techniques to get the best taste experiences. 

Fretheim Hotel, mat & drikke

At Fretheim Hotel in Restaurant Arven - Whether you go for buffet or choose from our a la carte menu, you are certain to find fresh and natural food. Our chefs are inspired by traditional cooking methods and which they give a modern touch. The goat has been a vital part of farming by the fjord but is not used much in most restaurants today. At Restaurant Arven, on the other hand, you find goat as the red thread throughout the menu – even in the desserts.
In winter fresh seafood is at its best, while spring is time for vegetables like asparagus and shoots. Summer is season for fresh vegetables and fruits, and in autumn we recommend warming dishes made of lamb and root vegetables.

Vangsgaarden Gastropub offers an unforgettable dining experience. Our kitchen team works closely with local suppliers, breweries and anglers - a collaboration that means that our diners are also able to appreciate some of the food traditions of Vangsgaarden and Aurland.

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