Shopping in the Scenic Sognefjord Region


A Retail Exploration


This article will delve into the shopping scene of Sognefjord, 

Shopping in Sogndal 

Sogndal, with its stunning fjord backdrop, boasts a variety of shops that cater to locals and visitors alike, it is the biggest city in the Sognefjord Region. The Sogndal Shopping Mall, located in the heart of the town, is a bustling hub where traditional Food, electronic meet modern fashion and you will find many of the chain stores. A a diverse range of products and food stores, sport shops, electricity, cafés, drug store and the most of what you need. The mall provides a perfect blend of convenience and authenticity, making it a must-visit for those seeking both local and international shopping experiences.

Shopping in Årdal

As you venture into Årdal, you'll find a town surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.  he Årdal Shopping Center  offering a curated selection off food, sport, house holds, presents contemporary fashion and much more Visitors can meander through the charming streets outside the center, discovering boutique stores, pub and restaurant.

Shopping in Lærdal

Every year you are all invited to a big Farmers market at the Old Lærdalsøyri where farmers from all over Sognefjord gather and are eager to sell you the most beautiful and tasteful fruits, berrys and vegtables that you can imagine. At Håbakken in Lærdal the Farmers Market, Sognasmak are open all year where you will find local food and drinks. 

Shopping in Flåm

Home to Norway's Largest Souvenir Shop. The Mall of Norway stands out as a shopping haven for tourists seeking Norwegian souvenirs. Boasting an extensive collection of traditional handicrafts, clothing, and locally inspired gifts to souvenirs, the Mall of Norway captures the essence of Norwegian culture. From intricately designed knitwear to artisanal home decor, this sprawling emporium invites visitors to take home a piece of Norway's vibrant heritage.

In almost every village you will find groceries, some places bakeries, restaurants, café and Gasoline stations. Many farms selling their products straight from the farms. Cider, berries, vegetables, limonades.. 


Welcome to a Taste of the Sognefjord

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