Welcome to Lavik

Welcome to Lavik, a charming village nestled in the breathtaking fjords of Sognefjord! Situated in the westernmost part of this stunning region, Lavik offers visitors a true escape into nature's untouched beauty in the mountain.

This small village who stretch alongside the western part of the Sognefjord. Overlooking the Sognefjord with easy access to the fjord and mountains. 

The perfect hub for exploring the outermost part and the western part of the Sognefjord area. 

As you arrive in Lavik, prepare to be greeted by the awe-inspiring view of parts of the Sognefjord.

The tranquil waters mirror the towering mountains on each side, creating a picturesque ambiance that will leave you captivated.

Lavik is a typical fjord village, with a history stretching back to before the Viking age. Its easy access to the fjord and mountains made it an ideal settlement location.

Today, Lavik is a bustling ferry port and cross point on the coastal road between Bergen and Ålesund, with frequent bus transport and an express boat connecting to Bergen.

Boat: Norled

Bus: Entur 

Accommodation: Lavik Fjord Hotel & Apartments


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How to get to Lavik?

Lavik is a cross point and busy ferry port, and frequent bus transport, for the north south axis on the coastal road between the two big cities Bergen and Ålesund. Lavik got an easy access to Bergen via the daily departure with the express boat. Choose your express boat ticket here

Lavik has a ferry connection with Oppedal and you will find the ferry schedules here

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