Hiking in Gudvangen

A Hike in the World Heritage

There are plenty of great hikes in the surroundings of Gudvangen, some of them quite steep. However, there are alternatives.

View to the UNESCO Nærøyfjord

Mnt. Bakkanosi and Breiskrednosi are twin mountains with the same initial trails, regardless of your chosen start. From the small farms at Bakka, the trail ascends steeply up the mountainsides, suitable for experienced hikers.

A more manageable option is to drive around to Jordalen and hike up the valley, which is longer but less steep. Nonetheless, the length makes the hike demanding. From the peaks, you are rewarded with a first-class view of the fjord landscape!

Below you will find some hiking possibilities in Gudvangen and click here for more hiking in Gudvangen on ut.no

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