Activities & Attractions in Kaupanger

Kaupanger Stave Church

Kaupanger Stave Church was probably built around 1140. The present stave church is the third church on the same location

Meet the Locals or go kayaking

Sognefjord Guiding want's to introduce you the locals in Kaupanger; do you want to join? Sognefjord Guiding also offers guided kayak tours and also guided cultural walk and mountain hike. 


The ViteMeir science center in Kaupanger where you will Experience, Discover and Achieve from 1,303 m.a.s.l. to 2,469 m.a.s.l. Try out the VR simulator, the body's energy, ball room and more.

Go hiking in Kaupanger

Discover the hidden paths in Kaupanger that will lead you into breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the Sognefjord. 

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