Spring in the center of Sogndal
Photo: Vegard Aasen/VERI Media

Welcome to Sogndal

Where Tradition Meets Urban Charm in the Heart of Fjord Norway

Nestled within the stunning Sognefjord region, Sogndal beckons you to embark on an unforgettable journey. With a unique blend of urban sophistication and natural wonder, Sogndal is your gateway to a diverse range of experiences. 

Discover this hidden gem as you explore the fjords, mountains, and vibrant culture that make this destination an absolute must-visit.

Apple Orchards and the Fjord Path: A Feast for the Senses

Sogndal's lush apple gardens are a true delight, especially when the blossoms are in full bloom in the spring. Stroll through these fragrant orchards and enjoy a taste of sweet, sun-ripened apples. You can buy local grown fruit at many of the grocery stores. 

Explore Sogndal

How to get to Sogndal

Sogndal is a junction point for the rest of Sognefjord region.

Daily flights to Bergen and Oslo from Sogndal airport. Check out flight schedules her at Widerøe

Buses to and from Sogndal

Daily frequent buses to Oslo, Bergen and northbound. And who also corresponding in further directions. Check out Entur.no for bus schedules. 

Daily local busses in all directions to reach out in the Sognefjord region. Check out Entur.no for bus schedules

Fjord Cruise from Bergen

Daily express boat with Norled too and from Bergen, who also correspond to other fjord villages. 

You find car rental with Hertz and Sogndal Car Rental in Sogndal and at the Sogndal airport. 

Get inspired in Sogndal

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