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Leikanger is the 4th largest producer of food in Norway. There are around 80.000 apple trees, pear trees and plum trees in the hills above Leikanger. This is also a paradise for bies and honey, and in the local store you are able to buy some of the best honey in Norway.

In later years Leikanger has seen an increase in Raspberry production and during autumn, if your timing is right, you are able to buy freshly picked rasperrys by the road.

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How to get to Leikanger

Leikanger is located in the middle of the Sognefjord with approx. 25 minutes by car to Sogndal and 25 minutes by car to Balestrand.

From Leikanger to the nearest ferry pier , which is Hella, it takes approx. 12 minutes by car. From Hella the ferry goes to Dragsvik and on to Balestrand and Høyanger or from Hella to Vangsnes and on to Feios/Fresvik or to Vik over Vikafjellet Mountain and on to Voss and Bergen.

Check ferry schedules here

How to get to Bergen

The express boat to and from Bergen stops at Leikanger Fjordhotel. Check timetables here

There are daily buses to and from Leikanger - check bus routes here.

How to get to Oslo

From Leikanger and inwards to Sogndal and on to Lærdal you drive the Hemsedal Mountain and Filefjell mountain passes. Check out google maps for the exact distance by car. The weather changes quickly on the mountain passes, so it is important that you check vegvesen.no for the latest news.


The nearest airport is Sogndal Lufthamn Haukåsen, which is located in Kaupanger with approx. 45 minutes by car. For flight times check widerøe.no


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