Hiking in Årdal

Breathtaking hiking trips in Årdal

Unique Norwegian Nature: Experience Årdal's unique and untouched natural beauty. 

  • Bøttejuvet Mountain and Viewpoint: Discover breathtaking vistas of Årdal's pristine landscapes.
  • Tusenmeteren Mountain Road: Challenge yourself with a bike ride or hike on this road, offering incredible panoramas.
  • Old Farm Avdalen: Explore the historic farm and step back in time.
  • Mt. Austanbotntind and Hurrungane: Hike to the west top of Mt. Austanbotntind for panoramic views of southern Norway’s most alpine mountain range.

Below are some of the trips in Årdal, but check out ut.no for more hiking in Årdal. 

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