Accommodation, Food & Drink in Luster

Marifjøra Sjøbuer: Serene fjord-side views

Marifjøra Sjøbuer, cabins built in the traditional boathouse style, nestled along the shores of Lusterfjord.

Gaupnetunet: A Quaint Retreat

For a cozy stay in Gaupne, look no further than Gaupnetunet, a small hotel that offers a homely atmosphere, warm hospitality, and a taste of local culture.

Nes Gard: A Culinary and Wellness Oasis

If you seek a culinary experience like no other, Nes Gard is a must-visit. This hidden gem offers splendid cuisine and a rejuvenating sauna overlooking the fjord. 

Luster Fjordhytter: Lakeside Bliss

Luster Fjordhytter allows you to stay lakeside along Lusterfjord, rent a boat, and rejuvenate in a soothing sauna. It's a peaceful retreat that connects you intimately with nature.

Viki Camping and Cabins: Scandinavian Coziness

For an authentic outdoor experience, Viki Camping and Cabins offer some of the coziest accommodation in all of Scandinavia said by many. 

Døsen Gard: Glamping with a fjord view

Enjoy lazy days with the view to the beautiful Lusterfjord and Glamping at Døsen Gard

Discover Sørheim Fjordpanorama: Where Majesty Meets Adventure

Perched on a cliff, Sørheim Fjordpanorama offers breathtaking views of Lusterfjord and access to the most remote, awe-inspiring hiking in Sognefjord. Nature's wonderland awaits!

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