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Surrounded by massive mountains, the village Høyanger is a boulder stone and benchmark in the great Norwegian industrial history, the definition of the Norwegian industrial adventure.

The nature is the reason why many travel to this municipality, who is geographic split in two by the mighty Sognefjord. This small cozy but not sleepy town. The aluminium industry here is the main business. With world wide customers. You think, why Høyanger? 

Because oft the mountain, easy access to water for the hydroelectric power plants who runs it all. It is a great industry revolution history connected to Høyanger. 

The Tourist Information is located at the library down town Høyanger. 

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How to get to Høyanger? 

Høyanger municipality is located at the far end of the Sognefjord with approx. 50 minutes’ drive from Balestrand.

With Høyanger Municipality we find small fjord villages such as Lavik, Bjordal, Vadheim and Høyanger. Lavik is located at the far end of Høyanger with the ferry connection Oppedal - Lavik. From Bergen on road E39, it takes approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes by car from Bergen to Oppedal Ferry dock and on to Lavik. From Lavik via Vadheim to the industrial village of Høyanger, it takes approx. 50 minutes by car.

Expressboat from Bergen

The expressboat to and from Bergen stops in Lavik and Nordeide and further into the Sognefjord - see timetable her

Bus to and from Høyanger

There is also bus connection in every village in Høyanger - see timetables here

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