Accommodation, Food & Drink in Jostedal


Jostedal Hotell: Home of Norwegian Meatballs (Kjøttkaker):

While exploring the valley, you can't miss the Jostedal Hotell, where you can indulge in traditional Norwegian cuisine. Taste the famous Norwegian meatballs, known as "Kjøttkaker," and savor a piece of local culinary history while enjoying the warm hospitality of the region.

Jostedal Camping: Riverside Serenity:

Jostedal Camping offers a unique opportunity to stay close to the heart of nature. Located by the glacial river Jostedøla, it provides a serene and picturesque camping experience. 

Villa Fjellheim: Views of Nigardsbreen Glacier:

Villa Fjellheim offers a luxurious stay with an incredible view. Wake up to the sight of the Nigardsbreen Glacier from your window.

Jostedal Lodge: Authentic farm house close to the Nigardsbreen Glacier

Experience uncompromising comfort in Jostedal Lodge with beautiful surroundings in Jostedal Valley. 

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