Springfulness in the Sognefjord

The light. The scents. Everything is coming back to life.

In spring, The Sognefjord wakes up from its winter sleep. The fjords in full bloom, and this is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. Impressive snowclad mountain peaks frame the picturesque views – the same mountains that provide protection for the small areas that have fertile soil. With plenty of help from the fjords’ reflection of the sun, they create unique microclimates that make the cosy villages perfect for fruit cultivation, especially apples and cherries. Don't forget to taste the result of last year's blossoming - local farm shops will serve you tasty Eplemost (pure apple juice) and cider from loacal producers. 


See the waterfalls at their mightiest

Witness how the dramatic Norwegian waterfalls roar to life in spring. May and June is the absolute best time to see them come to life, when the ice and snow melt away and join the cascades of water that already plunge down the mountainsides. In the Sognefjord you can visit Vettisfossen in Utladalen which was named Norway's most beautiful waterfall and is Norway's highest free waterfall with its 275 meters. 

As the winter snow melts away and the sun starts to warm, something magical happens in Sognefjord!


Fruit blossom in the Sognefjord

The orchards come to life with a riot of colors as the fruit trees burst into bloom! Don`t miss it. The bloom has started!

Stroll through the picturesque fjord villages, breathe in the sweet fragrance of the blossoms, and lose yourself in the beauty of it all.

Sognefjord's fruit blooming isn't just stunning scenery; it's also about the generations of families who take pride in producing some of the world's best fruit.


Did you know that Sogn is one of the oldest fruit districts in Norway?

The fruit from Sognefjord has a particularly good taste and aroma because the ripening process occurs slowly with consistent temperature and plenty of light. Stay in a fruit orchard, taste fresh cherries, preserved plums, strawberries, rasberries, juice, and nectar when the time comes. Even peaches and apricots you`ll find. Enjoy a glass of plum wine, apple cider, or fruit brandy with a fjord view.


Don't miss your chance to witness the wonder of fruit blooming in Sognefjord. 


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