Local produce along the Sognefjord


The Sognefjord has a rich selection of locally produced food and beverages that are good to taste throughout the year. Also, local specialties in several unique places can help you create memorable experiences to take with you.

As a tourist you can travel from place to place and you can find a fjord gem, where you can taste the locally produced food.

Here you find a selection of our local food treasures along the Sognefjord; 

Sogn Aqua, Kveite

Glitne Halibut - Sogn Aqua

At the far end of the Sognefjord is a large pool lifted ashore. It is in Ortnevika. Sogn Aqua provides feeding and care to the Glitne halibut that lives in the cold fjord, entirely on nature’s terms. Halibut’s quality is produced with deep water from the Sognefjord.

The tale of the halibut began in the early 80s with the research of flatfish based on local knowledge about halibut fishing in the Sognefjord.  

At Osland Brygge in Bjordal, salmon and aura are produced by farming. Osland Aquaculture was established in 1963 and it is a pioneer company in aquaculture in the wild, beautiful Sognefjord- created for the production of salmon and aura.

It is the oldest aquaculture facility in Norway, and it produces salmon and aura in a high quality for the international market.

Matsui – Li produces heather honey from his own big farms in Kyrkjebø. The beehives are seen in several places along the Sognefjord and the tasty honey is delivered in glass and sold in The Farmers Market

Bringebærjuice frå Vik

Vik Falkeblikk AS

In Vik, the cultural traditions flourish with the old cheese and there is a great interest in cultivating in vegetated soil.  

«The old cheese from Vik» is a solid mold cheese with roots dating back to Viking times, and the name has a protected geographical designation. It has also been awarded the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Quality label Olavsrosa.

It is named «the old cheese» because it has been stored for a long time in the summer farms. Today it is produced by Tine Dairy that also has an open cheese bar in Vik, there you can enjoy the old cheese, locally produced raspberry juice and other local specialties. The Norwegian old cheese festival is arranged once per year on the first weekend of June.  

In the mountains around the fjord village of Vik, the animals graze in wild nature under good conditions. They eat the rich plants, and herbs that are found on the mountainous rocks which help the meat to be nutritious with a delicate taste and good quality.
The animals are slaughtered right from the period of grazing in the mountain, and at Vikja they are concerned that the animals have the best life. This slaughterhouse has merged with the farmers, and slaughters and processes meat into finished products. With respect for animals, they follow the entire value chain from feeding to well-finished tenderized organic meat for delivery.  

Vik is the biggest raspberry municipality in the country, and raspberry traditions are old and strong with berry growing from the 1950s. They often pluck more than 500-ton raspberries, depending on how good the season is.

In Feios we find the organic small farm Alm Gard which runs ice production with quality and has a selection of exciting and good tastes. The organic ice cream is produced by the garden’s own berries, fruits and milk, and it is sold to hotels and restaurants in the region.

Here enormous elm trees grow and the garden that is deepened after this, lies in a valley with a magnificent view of the Sognefjord. The accommodation offer comes with 3 houses, with room and breakfast.

Ciderhuset, Balestrand

The Cider House in Balestrand

Balestrand has old traditions as an orchard and already in the 19th century the first apple varieties were cultivated. And due to tourism traditions, the focus on the use of local food is paramount.

In the farm shop at the Cider house we can find a whole selection of drink products that are produced at Balholm. Here you can participate for cider tasting and cidermaking and in the fine cider area you find also a restaurant with a beautiful view over the Sognefjord. The restaurant offers good quality dishes composed with local ingredients and the Mediterranean philosophy.

Menes Røykelaks is a smokehouse where salmon and aura from the outermost Sognefjord are smoked with procedures built on traditions and where the best tastes are created. All in a gentle manner that fits perfectly with other local appetizers such as spring onions and homemade flatbread. The smokehouse has become widely known and the salmon is served in many restaurants’ tables along the Sognefjord.

Tasty meat is also known in Balestrand – the meat Angus from Hanevik farm and sheep and lambs from Rendedal farm

Mat & Drikke på Leikanger Fjordhotel

Leikanger Fjordhotell

Leikanger is one of the foremost fruit villages along the Sognefjord with more than 80 000 fruit trees. Apples, pears, plums and berries are grown here. The climate is good and there are big orchards with many new fruit trees. Several farms sell fruit from their own land.

Here we also find Sogn fruit which packs apples, pears, plums and berries from the entire Sogn region.

The cluster farm Eggjagarden runs Henjatunet – with fruit growing and apple juice production. In the old barricade from 1756 there is an open farm restaurant serving under order, homemade food based on local ingredients coming from the same farm.

In the microbrewery Balder Brygg at Hermansverk, the local enthusiasm prevails, and they highlight more than a thousand years of home brewing traditions. Balder beer is a lager beer, there they elevate old beer tradition towards a pronounced tasty beer type. Apple beer is a symbol in the large fruit village.

Fruitful days is an autumn’s annual fruit event in Leikanger. Here you find art, culture and not least food experiences with autumn crops. There is also a market day and a meeting place for the fruit and vegetable industry. Here they offer a fruitful experience with the aim to replenish and store energy which people can take with them during dark days.  

Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri

Sogndal has several outlets that sell locally produced food:  

At Ellevilt in Fjørevegen you can buy goods from small-scale producers from other regions.  Here there is a sale of goods,and also the delivery of dishes.

Meny has a sale of short distance local food through the concept Matskatter (Food treasures).

Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri put its pride to deliver quality coffee, locally roasted, and left its mark on the taste of fjords and mountains. It picks up small batches of coffee that are grown by farmers who put pride in the product, such as the coffee distillery.  

Lustrabui Bakeri, Luster


The furthest in the Sognefjord is the fjord kingdom Luster. Around the emerald green fjord, the landscape and the climate have provided a lot of food treasures in villages, considered as gems, along the entire fjord. 

Fruit and berries have a lot of importance and in Urnes farm both are grown, fruit drink and jam are produced.  Here, there are also deer herd and coffee.

Furthermore, we find here many farmers who cultivate high quality strawberries and raspberries.

In Solvorn Eplet a special apple juice is made in the basement factory.   You can also spend the night and have breakfast served. In the garden you will find fruits and berries.

There are very good grazing conditions with twinkling green meadows that give tasty meat. 

Mårås Hjort delivers high quality deer from its own deer farm to restaurants in the region that prepare the best local dishes. Also cured meats of deer.

Close by Jostedalsbreen high quality lamb meat is produced. Brelam is responsible for that. The company that produces organically on nature’s premises delivers both chops, fennel and bacon sausage.

Lustrabui bakery is widely known for its delicious pastries. Specialties are cinnamon rolls and good homemade breads can be bought in this nice bakery and outlet in Luster.

Bestebakken has its own garden with vegetables and herbs where ingredients are picked and served with tasty dishes and where meals are prepared locally. You can spend the night here too in a very charming room or house or barn.

Gulrøtter i Lærdal


Lærdal has a lot regarding local food, both short-distance and organic.

Here potatoes and all kinds of vegetables are cultivated, such as: carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and the ones that grow later such as pumpkins, apricot and buckthorn that are used as ingredients for many gourmet dishes.  

Lærdal produces also the most beautiful and delicious raspberries that have been nominated as «the best of Lærdal» and have won the competition in Det Norske Måltid 2018 (the Norwegian Meal 2018).

A lot of farmers up the valley have a farm sale with fruit, berries and vegetables. The farmers additionally deliver their beautiful raw local products to Lærdal Grønt (Green Lærdal) that distributes local food to restaurants and shops in the region and elsewhere in the country.  

Since the raspberry is one of Lærdal specialties it is not strange that the producer Frigard specializes in a completely local drink, the raspberry lemonade. The raspberries are of the best quality and here they are delivered during all year, freshly picked as frozen but just as beautiful.  

The market of Lærdal was arranged several times per year in the charming streets in the old Lærdalsøyri as a fruit market and it has roots from the old tradition.

Everything in the 16th century was a good exchange in this marketplace, and since 1982 a summer market in June has been a permanent tradition. Here there are stalls with a lot of great crafts, local food, exhibitions and entertainment. The summer market in June, the autumn market in September and the Christmas market in December are the markets of Lærdal today.

Tya Bryggeri, Årdal

TYA Brewery, Årdal

Årdal has the freshest and best drinking water from the mighty mountains, therefore it is not without reason that Tya-brewery is established and produces good local beer. More than 25 different variants of beer have been produced, good craft beer with its distinctive character and story.

Also, the Tya-bakery has a god selection of delicious pastries that have been sold in cafeterias and shops in Årdal and have been delivered to other fjord villages. 
Sognalam produces lamb meat of the best quality. The lamb has grazed in fresh summer grass from the mountain side and along the fjord and is therefore able to evoke its good tastes. They deliver the meat in the whole region with the collaboration between the three villages Årdal, Lærdal and Aurland.

Amazing Fjords DMC


Along the fjord of Aurland there are the fjord villages Undredal, Aurland, Flåm and Nærøyfjord that are a treasury of local food and beverage and offer many nice cultural food experiences.

Sakte is an alliance brand that is well rooted in the world heritage and let you experience a range of food and products based on tradition and sustainability. Six local food producers put their soul in the production and deliver their own experiences. Some can also experience the food culture up close.

At the Skjerdal cheese factory you can experience the old traditional cheese factory life. In this beautiful town they have a long tradition of making both white and brown goat cheese. Here you can greet the sheep and other animals. It is a half hour walk from the road, and you can get cheese served from the factory, sleep over and enjoy the most beautiful view.

Close to the river in the Aurland village there is Marianne bakery and cafeteria. The cozy bakery serves fresh breads, good buns and other local delicacies.

In Li courtyard you can experience the real culture and get a guide tour at the cheese factory with the sample of local food and enjoy also stunning views. It produces cured meat from their own lambs.

Local food producer Haugen Gardsmat delivers homemade meat products to the travel industry and shops in the region.  Meat production is based on tradition and interaction, and here there are lamb, game, pig, cattle, reindeer and cows.

In the charming Undredal, in the middle of the world heritage fjord, you find another cheese factory. Undredal cheese factory has infinite long traditions about dairy.  Here both white and brown goat cheese are produced, and you can get a real cheese meal served midway between fjord and mountain.

At the Ægir brewery in Flåm there is a modern craft brewery that puts all its knowledge and passion to create a beer with good quality and taste. The raw materials are the best branded and produced with the freshest mountain water.

Here they produce many types of beer to taste, they develop new beers with more exciting and unique flavors. The beer is made in order to taste good with different types of food and good meals. At the brewery house there are both pub and restaurant in a unique environment.

At Sogn jord og – hagebruksskule (Sogn land and-horticulture school) they offer an education in organic agriculture in sustainable social development. In the Debio- approved farm shop you can buy a rich selection of vegetables, meat and other organic groceries. It collaborates with other local producers that sell their goods in the store.

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