Accommodation in Balestrand

Balestrand and Kviknes Hotel was one of the first major tourist destinations in Norway, and has become particularly well-known among famous painters and visual artists for its special fjord light and surroundings. 

Let this timeless village work its enchantment and wrap you in its magic. You find different accommodation option in Balestrand. 

From the old classy of Kviknes and Midtnes Hotel, to the urban and hip version of Balestrand Hotel, run by the next generation with its own club nights and big city chill vibe in late evenings. Or maybe across the Esefjord to Dragsvik Fjordhotel and their gastronomic dining experiences based on local ingredients in the hotels own garden room.

The hidden gems and popular Kringsjå Hotel to Sognefjord Cabins with their own fjord sauna, to cozy Baletrand Hytter(Cabins) or the high class fjord house of Flesje Gard. 

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