The Flåm Railway's Spellbinding Scenery

Chasing Beauty on Rails

The Flåm Railway, recognized by National Geographic Traveler as one of the top ten train journeys in Europe. It is an immersion into the sublime, a rendezvous with the ethereal beauty that defines Norway. 


World Famous Railway

The Flåm Railway, often hailed as the world's most beautiful railway in the world, weaves its way through landscapes that seem to be plucked from the realms of dreams.

Picture yourself aboard the train, the rhythmic clickety-clack of the tracks harmonizing with the majestic symphony of nature outside your window.

The journey covers a mere 12.4 miles, but within this short distance, you'll traverse a vertical ascent of 2,838 feet, making it one of the steepest and most awe-inspiring rail routes on the planet.

The panoramic views that unfold during the ascent are nothing short of poetic. The  narrow valley, the majestic waterfalls, the dancing rivers, farm, forest, the azure waters during the summer, and the snow-kissed peaks create a visual symphony that dances before your eyes. It's as if nature itself is performing a ballet, and you have the best seat in the house.

Close encounter with the waterfall

The journey reaches its crescendo at the Kjosfossen waterfall, a roaring cascade that embodies the untamed spirit of Norway. Here, the train pauses, allowing passengers to disembark and immerse themselves in the misty embrace of this natural wonder. The air is filled with the enchanting sound of the falls, and the spectacle is a testament to the raw, unbridled beauty that defines the Flåm Railway experience.

If you travel during the winter, the landscape is for many even mor spectacular. Massive white mountains, frozen waterfalls. It is a surreal mighty white world. 

Venturing further, the train glides through 20 tunnels, each unveiling a new chapter in Norway's visual poetry. As the carriages navigate the twists and turns, you'll find yourself surrounded by the sheer magnitude of the  wonderful landscape.

Connects to the world

The Flåm Railway adventure concludes at the Myrdal mountain station, where the Bergen Line connects between Oslo and Bergen, offering you the option to extend your journey or return to Flåm. Whether you choose to explore more of Norway's wonders or savor the memories of this enchanting rail ride, the Flåm Railway ensures that your travel experience transcends the ordinary.

As you contemplate your next adventure, consider the Flåm Railway as your portal to a world where every twist of the track reveals a new facet of nature's grandeur.

So, dear traveler, let the Flåm Railway be your chariot through the landscapes of dreams. The Flåm Railway runs all year round.

Bon voyage!


FAQ The Flåm Railway

  • How long is the Flåm Railway? The Flåm Railway is 20 km long
  • How far is it from Flåm to Myrdal? It takes one hour from Flåm to Myrdal with the Flåm Railway
  • Is Flåm Railway open all year? Yes, The Flåm Railway has departures every day the whole year. Book your ticket here
  • Can bicycles be brought along? Yes, bicycles allowed with valid bike ticket. Buy your ticket here
  • Hike or bike the Flåm Valley? Order one way ticket on the Flåm Railway and hike or bike back to Flåm. 
  • Is there any bike rental in Flåm? Yes, rent your bike in Flåm here, or rent a bike at Cafe Rallaren from Myrdal Railway Station

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