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Explore Hafslo: A Gem in the Sognefjord Region

Nestled in the picturesque Sognefjord region of Norway, the village of Hafslo is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its stunning natural beauty, abundant outdoor activities, and unique accommodations, Hafslo offers a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Hafslovatnet: A Majestic Lake for Trout Fishing

One of the crown jewels of Hafslo is the magnificent Hafslovatnet, a crystal-clear lake surrounded by mountains forest and farmland. It's not just the breathtaking scenery that draws visitors, but also the excellent trout fishing opportunities.

Anglers from around Norway come to Hafslovatnet to test their skills and enjoy the serenity of the Norwegian wilderness. Join Kvam Guiding & Service on guided fishing on Hafslovatnet Lake. 

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How to get to Hafslo

Hafslo is located in Luster Municipality by the Hafslo Lake in the middle between Sogndal and Gaupne. From Sogndal, it takes 15 minutes by car to Hafslo, where you follow FV55 towards Luster. From Hafslo it takes about 15 minutes by car to Gaupne. From Hafslo it takes only 5 minutes by car to Sogn Skisenter - skiresort. 

Buses to and from Hafslo

Every day the local bus stops in Hafslo to pick you up - find out when the bus arrives Hafslo here

Sogndal Airport

The nearest airport is Sogndal Lufthamn, Haukåsen

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