Activities in Balestrand

Balestrand is home to a variety of activities that blend in the beauty of the nature.

Here you got a few highlights.

Famous hikes in the towering alpine peaks, always with a breathtaking fjord view. Alpine ski touring and snowshoeing during the winter and spring. 

Guided RIB tours

Guided RIB-tours on the Sognefjord with Balestrand Fjord Adventure to visit the most secluded area of the Sognefjord. Or the distinctive fjord fishing on board with Drip Fiske or Balestrand Fjord Angling. The Sognefjord is over 3600 feet deep outside Balestrand, you never know what the deep water fjord fishing might gives you. 

Bike rental

Rent a E-bike or walk trough the famous streets of King Bele to see the old houses in dragon style, build in the 19th century surrounded with flowering gardens and apple trees. The dragons style was an attempt to revive the old Nordic ornamentation who arose out of the romantic enthusiasm of the past. 

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