Local specialties along the Sognefjord

The snow-white halibut thrives best in the cold, crystal-clear lake that is taken up from the Sognefjord at a depth of one-hundred meters, and that cold Sognefjord is halibut’s natural habitat. Here in a fjord the Glitne halibut grows through the years and creates taste and quality.

Sogn Aqua, Glitne Kveita

«The old cheese from Vik» is a solid mold cheese with roots dating back to Viking times, and the name has a protected geographical designation. It has also been awarded the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Quality label Olavsrosa.

The cheese got big international attention because it is a pure and healthy natural product and it contains low fat and much protein. It tastes amazing with fruit, and it is well accompanied with salty biscuits, sour cream and cranberries. 

Gamalost, Vik

The Old Cheese © Falkeblikk

Today Balholm AS produces juice, fruit drink, must and cider. Since the region here is one of the oldest fruit areas in the country, they have gathered knowledge and tradition in good association under the theme of fruit. Tasty and amazing drinks are developed in teams which have knowledge and creativity. And the products they create are popular and are now being distributed around the country. 

Balholm, Balestrand

Synnøve Finden is the local cheese that is produced from good Norwegian ingredients. It was Synnøve Finden, the farmer from the small beautiful village Finden in the heart of the Sognefjord, who took the leap and was the first Norwegian female cheese grounds and factory owner of this local cheese.
Born in 1882, and had to contribute early on the farm to milk cows and make cheese.

The adventure started when she left Sogn for the capital. Synnøve Finden currently produces cheese in Alvdal and in Namsos.

In the microbrewery Balder Brygg at Hermansverk, the local enthusiasm prevails, and they highlight more than a thousand years of home brewing traditions. Balder beer is a lager beer, there they elevate old beer tradition towards a pronounced tasty beer type. Apple beer is a symbol in the large fruit village.

Lerum has been making traditions as a juice and jam producer, and it all started on Sørheim farm in 1907 on the south side of the Sognefjord. Today it is produced jucie, jam and limonade from the fruite village. The Lerum family has been processing fruit and berry products for more than a hundred years.
"Home-made" jams have a large selection of flavors and are made with pride, love and lots of fresh fruit and berries and give the good taste.

Lærdal has a lot regarding local food, both short-distance and organic. Here potatoes and all kinds of vegetables are cultivated, such as: carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and the ones that grow later such as pumpkins, apricot and buckthorn that are used as ingredients for many gourmet dishes.  

Lærdal produces also the most beautiful and delicious raspberries that have been nominated as «the best of Lærdal» and have won the competition in Det Norske Måltid 2018 (the Norwegian Meal 2018).

Blomkål i Lærdal

Cauliflower from Lærdal

In the charming Undredal, in the middle of the world heritage fjord, you find another cheese factory. Undredal cheese factory has infinite long traditions about dairy. Here both white and brown goat cheese are produced, and you can get a real cheese meal served midway between fjord and mountain.

At the Ægir brewery in Flåm there is a modern craft brewery that puts all its knowledge and passion to create a beer with good quality and taste. The raw materials are the best branded and produced with the freshest mountain water. Here they produce many types of beer to taste, they develop new beers with more exciting and unique flavors. The beer is made in order to taste good with different types of food and good meals.  
At the brewery house there are both pub and restaurant in a unique environment.


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