Glacier Hikes in the Sognefjord Region


Discover the Frozen World of Wonders

Embark on a Journey Through Ice and Time with professional guides.

Nestled in the heart of the Sognefjord region, home to Europe's largest mainland glacier, the Jostedalsbreen glacier, awaits a mesmerizing adventure that transcends both geographical boundaries and temporal dimensions. 

Join us for an extraordinary experience as we traverse the icy landscapes of  the glacier arms at Nigardsbreen, Austdalsbreen, Tunsbergdalsbreen, and Flatbreen, offering you an opportunity to step into a frozen realm where time seems to stand still.

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Jostedalsbreen Glacier: A Colossal Marvel of Nature

Stretching across the European mainland, the Jostedalsbreen glacier is a monumental natural wonder. As you embark on your glacier hike, witness the sheer magnitude of this icy giant, marveling at the crevasses, icefalls, and seracs that define its rugged surface. Traversing Jostedalsbreen is like stepping into a pristine world where the forces of nature sculpted a masterpiece over millennia.

Unveiling Nigardsbreen, Austerdalsbreen, Tunsbergdalsbreen, and Flatbreen

Each glacier in the Sognefjord region has its own unique character, waiting to be explored. Nigardsbreen, with its iconic blue ice, offers an enchanting spectacle that captivates the imagination. Austerdalsbreen presents a rugged terrain that challenges adventurers, while Tunsbergdalsbreen and Flatbreen showcase the diversity of glacier landscapes, from expansive icefields to intricate formations.

Certified Guides and Unparalleled Experiences

Your journey into the glacial wonders is in the hands of certified glacier guides who will not only ensure your safety but also unveil the secrets hidden within the ice. These guides are not merely navigators; they are storytellers, sharing the geological history and environmental significance of these frozen landscapes.

Hiking into this frozen expanse with a certified glacier guide provides an intimate encounter with astonishing ice formations and breathtaking scenery that will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

A Glimpse into the Past: Melting Glaciers and Climate Change

As we marvel at the frozen wonders, it is crucial to acknowledge the reality of our changing planet. Glaciers worldwide are melting at an alarming rate, losing more than 1.2 trillion tons per year. The Jostedal glacier, too, is succumbing to this global phenomenon. By joining our glacier hikes, you not only witness the beauty of these ice giants but also gain a deeper understanding of the urgent need for environmental conservation.

A Race Against Time: Witness the Vanishing Beauty

The landscapes you explore today may not be the same tomorrow. Jostedalsbreen is expected to lose huge amounts of its current cover by the next 50 years Looking ahead to 2200, the projections are even more disheartening, with most of the Norwegian  ice disappearing forever. 

Your participation in this once-in-a-lifetime experience becomes not just a thrilling adventure but also a poignant encounter with the fleeting beauty of our planet.

Join Us for a Journey Beyond Borders

In the midst of vanishing glaciers and changing climates, seize the opportunity to explore these icy realms. Come, join us on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries and immerses you in the frozen wonders of the Sognefjord region and beyond. 


Let this be your chance to tread upon ancient ice, to witness the grandeur of glaciers, and to contribute to the collective awareness of our planet's fragile beauty. 

The glaciers are calling, and the time to answer is now.

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