A Tourist's Guide to Information Centers


The Sognefjord region, with its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque towns offers a mesmerizing experience for tourists.


To enhance your visit, the region provides an extensive network of tourist information centers, locally known as "Sognavert" and "Sognavertpunkt", where you can access information about activities, attractions, accommodation, transport, and dining options.


Unmanned and Manned Tourist Information

In the Sognefjord, you will encounter both unmanned and manned tourist information centers, each serving as a helping hand. In locations such as Sogndal, Balestrand, Skjolden and Aurland, these centers provide interactive touch screens allowing visitors to explore the region's offerings at their own pace. These information hubs ensuring that you have help with your questions, and other details to help you out.


QR Code Technology

An innovative feature of the tourist information centers is the integration of QR code technology. Strategically placed posters with QR codes throughout these offices offer a seamless way for visitors to access specific details. By simply using the camera on your phone to scan the QR code, you gain instant access to information on activities, attractions, accommodation, transport, and dining in the area. This user-friendly approach ensures that travelers can efficiently plan their itinerary and make the most of their time in the Sognefjord.



Your Interactive Guide, for a comprehensive view of all that the fjord region has to offer, tourists are encouraged to explore the FjordMap, an interactive map designed to show the versatile offer in the Sognefjord area. This tool allows visitors to gain insights into the diverse range of experiences available, further enhancing their ability to plan and customize their itinerary.


Cycling Hosts in Flåm

In the charming town of Flåm, cycling hosts play a unique role in welcoming and guiding visitors during the peak season in the summer. At the harbor, friendly bike hosts equipped with brochures are ready to provide information about the area. These hosts carry brochures in a box attached to their bikes, ensuring easy access to valuable resources. Additionally, posts with QR codes strategically placed in Flåm link directly to details on activities, attractions, catering, transport, and accommodation. This dynamic approach allows cyclists to seamlessly integrate information gathering into their exploration of the town.


The Sognefjord region's commitment to providing comprehensive tourist information through both traditional and innovative means ensures that visitors can make the most of their stay. Whether exploring interactive touch screens, scanning QR codes, or utilizing the FjordMap, tourists have a wealth of resources at their fingertips to create a memorable and personalized experience in the stunning Norwegian destination of Sognefjord.

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