Explore  the Sognefjord with Premier Rental Opportunities!

Welcome to the breathtaking Sognefjord region, where every bend in the majestic fjord unveils a new chapter of natural wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes.

We introduce to you a extensive range of rental opportunities tailored for enthusiastic tourists 


Discover Sognefjord on Two Wheels - Bike rental

Feel the wind in your hair as you traverse the enchanting landscapes on two wheels. Renting a bike from one of our many convenient locations. Explore charming villages, scenic routes, and hidden gems at your own pace, creating unforgettable memories with every pedal.


Paddle into the Fjord's Heart - Kayak rental

For those seeking an aquatic adventure, kayak offer a unique perspective of Sognefjord. Opt for a guided tour to enhance your experience and uncover the secrets nestled within the fjord's deep blue waters. Perhaps, you'd prefer the trendy and versatile SUP boards, adding a touch of excitement to your exploration. You could rent kayaks in different places all over the Sognefjord region.


Convenient Mobility Solutions - Car rental

Navigate the region with ease through our diverse range of transportation options. Choose from car rentals, Hertz and Sogndal Car Rental for a flexible and independent journey, or go green with e-car options. Traveling with a large group? Consider our bus rentals for a comfortable and communal experience, ensuring no one misses out on the splendors of Sognefjord.


Sail into Tranquility - Boat rental

For those with a love for the open water, the boat rentals provide the perfect opportunity to chart your own course. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time captain, the fjord is yours to explore. Equip yourself with our fishing gear to add a touch of excitement to your maritime adventure. Or rent a yacht with all inclusive and your own captain. 


Embrace Winter Wonders - Ski rental

When the snow blankets the region, trade your wheels for skis and embark on a snowy escapade. Ski rentals cater to all skill levels, allowing you to conquer the slopes and witness the fjord's winter magic in all its glory.


Your adventure begins here – reserve your rentals upon arrival and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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