Activities & Attractions in Leikanger

Leikanger, a destination steeped in the Norwegian history, is the very heart of the Sognefjord region.

Its roots is known and extend before and back to the Viking Age, when the legendary King Harald Fairhair, known for uniting Norway into a single kingdom, made this area his home when he was young. The echoes of this rich history still resonate through the village, where you can immerse yourself in the lore of the Vikings in the scenery and their sagas, In visuals like the Balderstein, and the viking graves. 

As a Viking you have to take a bath in the mighty Sognefjord and as a bonus you can sit and relax in a steaming hot sauna at Sognefjord Hotel, Leikanger Fjordhotel and Systrond Camping. 

Do you want to learn more about history from Leikanger? Visit the farm Henjatunet Eggjagarden where Inga and Marit welcome you. 

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