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The natural beauty of Årdal

Discover Årdal in the Sognefjord region, an extraordinary destination in Norway known for its natural beauty.

With cozy villages like Øvre Årdal and Årdalstangen, incredible natural wonders nearby, and proximity to Jotunheimen National Park, Årdal is a paradise for nature lovers.

Utladalen Valley

In the valley, you pass four impressive waterfalls, before arriving at the wonderful Vettisfossen waterfall at the head of the valley. With a free fall of 275 metres, it is Norway's biggest free, unregulated waterfall.

Tindevegen Mountain Road

Drive along this road for spectacular views of peaks and fjords.

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How to get to Årdal

Reaching Årdal is straightforward from either Oslo or Bergen. From Oslo, drive through the captivating Norwegian countryside, and from Bergen, enjoy a scenic journey alongside stunning fjords. Find bus schedules here

Expressboat to and from Bergen 

Consider combining your trip with an expressboat to Sogndal or Flåm.


The nearest airport is in Sogndal, an hour's drive from Årdal.

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