Hiking in Jostedal

National Mountain

In Jostedalen there are 360 degrees of hiking opportunities. From the local "national mountain" Vangsen to secluded side valleys such as Røykjedalen and Vetle Geisdalen, which offer untouched nature or a cultural landscape shaped over hundreds of years. You cannot escape all the glaciers and the fact that when you are in Jostedalen, you are in your own little kingdom in the middle of the glaciers.


Myrhønna is one of Jostedalen's most distinctive mountains. A serious mountain trip that one can cheat in summer by driving half the trip up by car. Did you know that the mountain is immortalized in one of Johannes Flintoe's most famous paintings and hangs today in the castle of the King of Norway?

You can go on mountain walks all over Jostedalen and There are unique tours that often invite you to a view you have never experienced before, looking down on the massive glaciers is something that you find very few other places.

Winter in Jostedal Valley

In winter, Jostedalen is a mecca for top hikes. The valley is one of the snowiest areas in Norway, and the snow lies longer here than elsewhere. If you are looking for meters of height and bottomless powder, Jostedalen is an option you should check out first and last.

It is difficult to pick one mountain and just one trip in Jostedalen. You can choose from the top shelf based on weather conditions and shape. 

Below are some of the hiking possibilities, but check ut.no for more hiking in Jostedal.

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