RIB tours on the Sognefjord


Thrilling RIB Tours with Expert Guides Await!

Discover Sognefjord's Hidden Majesty:


Picture yourself gliding across the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by towering cliffs and snow-capped peaks who touch the sky. This isn't just a boat ride; it's a close encounter with nature at its most awe-inspiring.

What sets these RIB tours apart are the guides – local experts with an unparalleled knowledge of the fjord, its history, and the secrets hidden within its depths.

The guides aren't just skilled navigators; they are storytellers who bring the fjord to life with their passion and expertise. As you cruise along, they'll share tales of the fjord's geological wonders, cultural heritage, and the diverse flora and fauna that call this region home.

This is more than a tour; it's an immersive journey guided by those who intimately understand the soul of the Sognefjord.

What makes these excursions truly exceptional is the opportunity to explore hidden gems that are only accessible by boat. Imagine discovering cascading waterfalls tucked away in remote corners, and navigating through secluded bays that reveal the fjord's true essence. This is your chance to witness the Sognefjord's real treasures, away from the beaten path. And if you are real lucky you might se the eagles, porpoise and the fjord seals.

To make your adventure seamless, we've curated a list of alternative companies that offer RIB tours in the Sognefjord region.


Each of these providers is committed to delivering an extraordinary experience:

  1. Vik Adventure: Experience the fjord with Vik Adventure, where every tour is a gateway to the hidden wonders of Sognefjord. Knowledgeable guides and top-notch safety measures ensure a memorable journey.

  2. Adventure Tours in Skjolden: Adventure Tours takes you exploring the most inner parts of the Sognefjord where fjord meets mountain and glacier. Enjoy magnificent views of large waterfalls like the Feigefossen waterfall with local guides sharing their passion of where they call home.

  3. FjordSafari in Flåm and Aurland: Dive into the heart of the fjord with Fjord Safari, offering an array of RIB adventures amidst the stunning landscapes of Flåm and Aurland. Expert guides unveil the fjord's secrets with every ripple.

  4. Balestrand Fjord Adventure: Venture with Balestrand Fjord Adventure to access the fjord's hidden realms. Their skilled guides ensure a safe and thrilling exploration of the fjord's most enchanting corners.

  5. Kvam Guiding & Service at the Veitastrond Lake: Kvam Guiding takes you to the serene Veitastrond Lake, offering a tranquil escape into nature's embrace. Explore the fjord's quieter side with guides who know every ripple and rock.

  6. Fjord Active on the Tunsbergdal Glacier Lake: Fjord Active invites you to Tunsbergdal Glacier Lake, promising an adventure that combines the thrill of a RIB tour with the majesty of glacial landscapes. Brace yourself for an experience like no other.

  7. The IceTroll on Lake Styggevatnet: Encounter the mystical allure of Lake Styggevatnet with The IceTroll, where RIB tours unfold amidst icy landscapes and hidden wonders. Let expert guides unveil the magic of this frozen realm all the way to the edge of the Jostedal Glacier.


As you set out on these RIB adventures, remember that each tour is a gateway to a world where the fjord's pulse beats in harmony with nature. Brace yourself for an expedition that transcends the ordinary and leaves you with memories as timeless as the fjord itself.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Norway's majestic Sognefjord region, where nature's grandeur unfolds in a breathtaking spectacle. Brace yourself for an exhilarating RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) tour on the pristine waters of Sognefjord, an experience that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the untamed beauty of this fjord landscape.

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