Activities & Attractions in Høyanger

Høyanger mountain range is famous for great hikes. Specially Bergefjellet, Fuglefjellet, and the popular 2-days tour, Kraftruta. Like everywhere else, the hikes is where you want to go, almost.

For skiers, a fun fact is that the small ski center Siplo, got the steepest slopes in Europe, and it is operated on voluntary basis. 

Høyanger Waterpark

Do you dare swimming in the Sognefjord?  Norevikane  got the most beautiful fjord beaches, the fjord might be warm some days during the summer. Or what about Høyanger Waterpark

So back to where it all started, Høyanger. This small cozy but not sleepy town. The aluminium industry here is the main business. With world wide customers the factory start as the first in Norway way back in 1917. You thing, why Høyanger? Because oft the mountain, easy access to water for the hydroelectric powerplants who runs it all. It is a great industry revolution history connected to Høyanger. Visit the Industrial Museum and learn more about the history of Høyanger. 

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