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  1. Add Nærøyfjorden Camping to your Itinerary

    Nærøyfjorden Camping


    Bakkavegen 35
    5747 Gudvangen

    Welcome to Nærøyfjorden camping - where the sounds and silence of the nature is a spa treatment for the mind. Wake up to the majestic scenery of the unique Nærøyfjord, the World Heritage Listed landscape of Norway.

  2. Add Vang Camping to your Itinerary

    Vang Camping


    Nærøydalen 58
    5747 Gudvangen

    Vang Camping is located in a beautiful landscape in magnificent nature in the middle of the World Heritage Area Nærøyfjorden. Welcome to Gudvangen.

  3. Add Flesje Gard, Balestrand to your Itinerary

    Flesje Gard, Balestrand


    Flesje, Balestrand
    6899 Balestrand

    Beautiful, scenic house situated right by the waterfront in Balestrand, Sognefjorden. Very high standard, spectacular views and privacy – here you can enjoy peace and quiet as well as activities in both water and mountain.

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK7,000.00 One night
  4. Add Nesheim Camping og hytter to your Itinerary

    Nesheim Camping og hytter


    Sørsidevegen 3210
    5962 Bjordal

    We are situated a two hour drive north of Bergen, in a little place called Bjordal, an inlet of of the Sognefjord.

  5. Add Lunde Camping to your Itinerary

    Lunde Camping


    Skulevegen 49
    5745 Aurland

    Lunde Camping is located by the Aurlandselva, near the Lærdal tunnel only 1.4 km from the center of Aurland.

  6. Add Uteplassen, Sogndal to your Itinerary

    Uteplassen, Sogndal


    6856 Sogndal

    Uteplassen Sogndal offers guided hikes both summer and winter, preferably in combination with accommodation and dining.

  7. Add Undredal Camping to your Itinerary

    Undredal Camping


    Undredalsvegen 145
    5746 Undredal

    Undredal camping is a small camping area for caravans and tents in the center of Undredal, close to the quay, cafe / reception and grocery store.

  8. Add Djuvik Camping to your Itinerary

    Djuvik Camping


    Vangsnesvegen 474
    6894 Vangsnes

    Cabins of various standards and sizes beautifully located directly at the Sognefjord!

  9. Add Gudvangen Camping to your Itinerary

    Gudvangen Camping


    Nærøydalen 27
    5747 Gudvangen

    Gudvangen Camping is situated facing the waterfall Kjelsfossen (The kettle waterfall) in the beautiful Nærøy valley. Surrounded by steep mountain sides and stunning nature.

  10. Add Nes Gard to your Itinerary

    Nes Gard


    Lustravegen 2407
    6875 Høyheimsvik

    Beautifully situated overlooking the fjord and  Feigum waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Scandinavia.  Charming buildings of traditional architecture and interior.





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