Sognefjord - the new summer favorite


The Sognefjord - one of the world's most famous destinations


Nowhere else will you find such a unique combination of fjords, mountains, and mighty glaciers. This makes the Sognefjord a global celebrity. Here you will find the absolute greatest natural experiences. I am the Sognefjord. Welcome to me.


I am Sognefjord

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The Sognefjord region contains more than 19 Scenic Fjord villages. Where would you like to go? 


With industrial industry dating back to the early 20th century and the small fjord villages of Vadheim and Lavik, Høyanger is worth a visit.


The artistic capitol of the Sognefjord with Kviknes Hotel, St. Olaf Church, the Villas and the award winning Cider from Ciderhuset. 


With small, colorful houses close together on Vikøyri, this is something you must experience when you visit Vik


Leikanger is the fruit and honey village by the Sognefjord with 80 000 trees blooming every year


The outermost point in the Sognefjord is Lavik. Here you can experience small hotels, activities, and mountain tours with a view of the Sognefjord.


In Årdal you will find the wonderful Utladalen Vallery, with the beautiful Vettisfossen waterfall and activities for both young and old. Try kayaking on the fjord or a hike in the amazing landscape.


From the center of Aurlandsvangen, you have a short journey to Stegastein Viewpoint and Aurlandsdalen with wonderful mountain walks


Sogndal is the "capital" of the Sognefjord and is known for the Fjellsportfestival, fantastic powder snow, football and the production of juice and jam.


Welcome to the small and idyllic Fjord Village Solvorn where you will find Norway's oldest hotel, Walaker Hotel. 


Hafslo is a taste of traditional farming and is among the best agricultural areas by the Sognefjord. Find your activity and accommodation in the area. 


With small villages in Luster such as Marifjøra, Gaupne and Luster, you can experience indoor swimming facilities, a sauna, a bakery and many great mountain walks with a view of the green Lustrafjord.


Jostedal is the Kingdom of Blue Ice and is a village full of grand adventures. Join in on a guided glacier hike and experince the blue magical ice world. 


In the Fjord Village Kaupanger you will find the airport in the Sognefjord region, Sogndal Airport Haukåsen. Visit Kaupanger Stave Church or explore an eldorado of mountain hikes, everything from easy to longer hikes.


Skjolden lies deep in the Sognefjord and is surrounded by precipitous mountains and waterfalls. North - Europe's highest mountain pass, the National Scenic Route Sognefjellet starts here.


Lærdal - the green kingdom. Borgund Stave Church, The King's Road and The Old Lærdalsøyri with its 161 protected wooden buildings and fjord landscape on UNESCO's list are some of what Lærdal can offer.


The biggest attraction in Flåm is The Flåm Railway, but the world famous Fjord Cruise from Flåm to UNESCO Nærøyfjord is worth experiencing. 


Welcome to the Viking Valley Gudvangen. The world's most beautiful and spectacular fjord, the UNESCO Nærøyfjord ends in Gudvangen. 


In the middle of the World Heritage Site lies the small Fjord Village Undredal, which is best known for its goat cheese and has the smallest stave church in Scandinavia.


Fjærland, the Book Town and has the Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the European continent, as its nearest neighbour.

In the heart of the Norwegian fjord landscape and just a short drive from Trondheim, Oslo, and Bergen lies the Sognefjord.


Welcome to the summer you will never forget!

Experience the Sognefjord

Nowhere else will you find such a large and complete selection of summer activities and unique experiences as around the Sognefjord. Experiencing four seasons in one day is quite common.

A natural landscape and diversity full of contrasts, outstanding natural experiences, and exciting activities for the whole family.

Some favorites:

- On the ice

Guided tour on the blu ice of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier

- On the fjord

Join in on the Sognefjord in a kayak, on a SUP board, on thrilling RIB tours, exciting fishing trips, or one of several fjord cruises on "The King of The Fjords".

- Inspiration

Historical UNESCO sites, Stave Churches, The Viking Valley, The Flam Railway, Museums and the Science Center ViteMeir

- Active outdoors

Try out the longest zip-line in the Nordics, canyoing and rafting in wild glacial rivers. 

"The Mountains Are Calling"

With the Sognefjord's wild and beautiful valleys and views of emerald green fjords, a hike will take your breath away.  


A little bit of everything, but mostly the best! 

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Accommodation around the Sognefjord

No matter where or how you choose to stay along the Sognefjord, you are surrounded by award-winning nature and just a short journey from activities, attractions, and popular hiking trails. Here you'll find accommodation for every wish and budget.

- Historical and luxurious hotels with long and proud traditions
- Beautiful fjord hotels with "all-inclusive" options.
- Charming and spacious cabins for large families. Or how about a mirror cabin?
- Campsites in harmony with nature and plenty of space for children of all ages to play                                                                                                                               

- Stay uniquely in a treehouse or on the edge of a cliff with the world's most beautiful view. Converted boathouses or apartment complexes just a stone's throw from the fjord.


Local food & drink

Welcome to the Cider's own kingdom.

Did you know..

  • The Norwegian origin of cider most likely stems from the Sognefjord?
    • The first written evidence of fruit cultivation in Norway can be found in Vik in Sogn. In Sverre's saga, there is mention of an episode from the year 1201 where an "Aldinhage" is mentioned - aldin is Old Norse for apple.
  • The local food tradition of the Sognefjord stretches back over thousand year.  
    • Locally produced food with identity, as far away from the large food industry as possible. "We made it ourselves".  
    • It's genuine, it's natural, and it's local. Fresh fish and shelfish from the fjord, fruits and vegetables from moraine soil created by the glaciers over thousands of years, giving us some of the country's best crops. Potatoes, rasberries, apples and pears. Cherries, peaches, apricots, and strawberries. Goat cheese, "old cheese" and brown cheese. Wilde game from the forest and mountains. You're guaranteed a culinary feast for eyes, mouth and waistline. All of this, most often served with spectacular nature and views as unique backdrops. 

      Welcome - the food is served

Food & Drink along the Sognefjord

Park Cafe Sogndal
Photo: Vegard Aasen/VERI Media


A Taste of Tradition in Charming Cafeterias

What's on in the summer around the Sognefjord

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