The Norwegian Fjord Paradise


Explore Norway's majestic Sognefjord, a world-class destination just under two hours from London. 


Embark on a Fjord Cruise Adventure from Bergen Kickstart your fjord exploration with a seamless flight into Bergen from the UK. Upon arrival, effortlessly transition from Bergen's airport to the city's convenient train or public bus system. Set sail on the Norled express boat and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled beauty as you journey towards the stunning Sognefjord region.

As the boat glides through the waters, prepare to be mesmerized by the spectacle unfolding around you. Towering mountainsides gradually reveal themselves, painting a breathtaking backdrop to your voyage. Departing from the heart of Bergen, our Norled express boat transports you towards the picturesque Sognefjord, where enchanting destinations like Balestrand, Leikanger, Flåm, and more await your exploration. Experience the allure of these scenic stops as you delve deeper into the fjord's captivating landscapes.

Fjord Cruise from Bergen

Your fjord adventure begins with a seamless flight into Bergen from the UK. Transition effortlessly from Bergen's airport to the city train or public bus, and set sail on the Norled express boat, immersing yourself in a world of unparalleled beauty. The boat journey itself is a spectacle, with towering mountainsides unfolding the further you venture.  Begin your fjord odyssey in the heart of Bergen, setting sail with Norleds express boat towards the picturesque Sognefjord region. Disembark at enchanting destinations like Balestrand, Leikanger, Flåm and more.

Fjord Cruise to the Sognefjord

Kviknes Hotel

For an extraordinary stay, consider the renowned Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand, a modern yet charming establishment steeped in hospitality traditions dating back to 1752. With 190 guest rooms adorned with artworks and antiques, it serves as the perfect hub for your fjord experience, offering impeccable service, exquisite dining, and a fjord-view afternoon tea.

The fairytale castle by the Sognefjord

Walaker Hotel

In Solvorn, discover the historic Walaker Hotel, a testament to tradition and comfort built up over nine generations and 370 years. Surrounded by mighty mountains, the hotel's garden exudes an evocative atmosphere. Try the Michelin Guide-listed hotel and explore the UNESCO-listed Urnes Stave Church just across the fjord, conveniently reachable by ferry.

Norway's oldest hotel

Sogndal Car Rental

Whether seeking a regal experience or the best mountain trails, Sognefjord caters to all tastes. Thanks to Sogndal Car Rental, explore the region in a high-standard, brand-new car, discovering world-famous viewpoints, breathtaking glaciers, hidden gems, and unparalleled hiking routes.

Exploring the Sognefjord

Visit during the spring months for picturesque villages adorned with apple blossoms, snow-covered mountain peaks, emerald green fjords, and cascading waterfalls. Alternatively, experience the serene autumn from late September when the region transforms into a tranquil haven.

FjordSafari Norway

For the ultimate adventure, join FjordSafari Norway – a premier nature-based activity provider. With tailored experiences combining fjord safaris, biking, hiking, and expert crews, FjordSafari ensures a deep connection with nature, promising an unforgettable journey.

An unforgettable journey

As your fairytale adventure concludes, return to Bergen and fly back home to the UK, cherishing memories of a world-class fjord view tailor-made for you. Sognefjord is not just a dream – it's a reality, and there has never been a more accessible and affordable time to explore this fjord paradise.

Welcome to the king of the fjords, welcome to Sognefjord.


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