Simple Iframe

Here's an example of some content from another site being loaded in via an iframe. No styling or responsive considerations made, just the most basic version of add content from an external source.


Here's an example of some arbitrary code that counts up indefinitely. Simple things like this can be done via the Embed widget, but they probably shouldn't be. Using this widget for anything other than an embed provided by a 3rd part will lead to complications around performance, maintenance, and reusability.

The current count is: 0

YouTube Embed

Here's a YouTube playlist embed exactly as delivered from YouTube. It's totally functional, but non responsive as you can see. To make it responsive some additional code will need to be added.

Responsive YouTube Embed

This is the same embed as above, but slightly modified to be responsive. To make an embed responsive you can either right the code manually or use a tool like Embed Responsively.