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  1. Add Eplet Bike rental, Solvorn to your Itinerary

    Eplet Bike rental, Solvorn


    Haugen 8
    6879 Solvorn

    Do you want to discover Luster from Bicycle Seat? Eplet Bed & Apple has bicycle rental in Solvorn.

  2. Add Bicycle & E-bike rental in Skjolden to your Itinerary

    Bicycle & E-bike rental in Skjolden


    Sørsidevegen 35
    6876 Skjolden

    Bicycle rental and biking adventures

    Adventure Tours Norway offers bicycle rental and several guided biking and hiking tours in the area around Skjolden and Breheimen National Park. One of the most popular routes is into the Mørkrid valley -…

  3. Add Kayak rental, Flåm to your Itinerary

    Kayak rental, Flåm


    Flåmsdalsvegen 93
    5743 Flåm

    Have you always dreamed of kayaking, but do not have a kayak? Do not despair! Njord rents out Kayaks in Flåm! Give it a try!

  4. Add Cafe Rallaren Bike Rental, Flåm to your Itinerary

    Cafe Rallaren Bike Rental, Flåm


    Rallarvegen I
    5718 Myrdal

    Bike rental at Café Rallaren - Discover Rallarvegen from Myrdal to Flåm

  5. Add Lavik Bicycle rental to your Itinerary

    Lavik Bicycle rental


    Hotellbakken 3
    6947 Lavik

    Bike along the Sognefjord - Explore the fjord landscape at your own pace on one of our rental bikes.

  6. Add Bike Rental in Solvorn to your Itinerary

    Bike Rental in Solvorn


    Vetlevegen 11
    6879 Solvorn

    Being a little active during the holidays is recommended. How about renting a bike at Eplet in Solvorn? Bring your bike on the Urnes ferry and experience the south side of the Lustrafjord.

  7. Add Balestrand eBike Adventure to your Itinerary

    Balestrand eBike Adventure


    Holmen 5
    6899 Balestrand

    eBike is absolutely: - Fitness & Fashionably Fresh, - Fun & Simple & practical to discover Balestrand. - Sweat less & absorbe Nature & the bike has a FlowerPower dingDong

  8. Add Flåm Bike Rental to your Itinerary

    Flåm Bike Rental


    A-Feltvegen 7
    5743 Flåm

    Flåm is an ideal starting point for a bicycle trip in stunning surroundings. Hire a bicycle for a day and explore the area at leisure

  9. Add Sogndal Car Rental to your Itinerary

    Sogndal Car Rental


    Stedjevegen 41
    6856 Sogndal

    Sogndal car rental offers car rental at Sogndal Airport, Sogndal center v/Shell and at Kaupanger. Explore the Sognefjord with a rental car.

  10. Add Rent a bike in Balestrand to your Itinerary

    Rent a bike in Balestrand


    Holmen 1
    6899 Balestrand

    Regular bikes for rental in Balestrand, which is located in the middle of the Sognefjord. You will find us in the Balestrand Adventure house 200 meters from kviknes hotel





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