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  1. Add Vatnane – the historical cattle trail to your Itinerary

    Vatnane – the historical cattle trail


    6893 Vik i Sogn

    The hike to the old mountain summer farm Vatnane follows the historical cattle trail taking them to their summer grazing areas in the mountains. Have a rest at the amazing waterfall at Fosseset and enjoy amazing views on Arnafjord.

    Route: Tenne -…

  2. Add Vatnaset - Togga to your Itinerary

    Vatnaset - Togga


    Start: Sogndalsdalen (rv 5), Vatnasete

    Map (turkart): Sogndal- Leikanger

    Park at the picnic area at Vatnasete. Follow the gravel road in the direction of Sogndal. Turn right where the road divides and continue along the gravel road (steep…

  3. Add Venåsen to your Itinerary



    6868 Gaupne

    From the carpark at Brunestegen, follow the signs to Skår. Walk on the bridge over Skårsriver to a path crossing. Take to the left, steep down towards the old farmer's area. Of the four farms at Venåsen, 539 m.a.s.l., just one farm remains. n.

  4. Add Vigdalen - Vigdalstøl to your Itinerary

    Vigdalen - Vigdalstøl


    6868 Gaupne

    If you take north from the signpost at the strarting point, you can follow a short and easy trail to the DNT cabin at Vigdalstølen.

    From Vigdalstøl you can hike to Dalsdalen by crossing the river and follow a T-marked trail to where you meet the…

  5. Add Vik Ski Resort to your Itinerary

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    Vik Ski Resort


    6893 Vik i Sogn

    Vik Ski Centre is situated in Kålsete in Vik, and it provides facilities for among others biathlon and roller skiing. It has 5 different inruns and jumps (from K60 and down), a children's area, platter lift, a small alpine piste, a lavo and a…

  6. Add Vikja - salmon river to your Itinerary

    Vikja - salmon river


    6893 Vik i Sogn

    Vikja is aming the best rivers for salmon fishing in Vik i Sogn.

  7. Add Vikøyri - a Walk in cultural history to your Itinerary

    Vikøyri - a Walk in cultural history


    Sentrumsgata 44
    6893 Vik i Sogn

    We will stroll inbetween small pittoresque homes and boathouses that makes up the beachdveller settlemet at Vikøyri

  8. Add Walks around Lærdal centre to your Itinerary

    Walks around Lærdal centre


    6887 Lærdal

    Lærdal centre - Hedler - Mjølkeflate - Stødno - Øyabrua - Lærdal Centre
    Start from the centre of Lærdal, proceed across the bridge in the direction of the Fodnes tunnel (Road 5) and take to the left. Walk along the fjord. You can either walk to…

  9. Add Cultural Evening Walk to your Itinerary

    Cultural Evening Walk


    5742 Flåm

    FjordSafari Norway AS invites you to a Cultural evening walk with a headlamp, good atmosphere and something hot to drink. Join us!

  10. Add Eplet Bike rental to your Itinerary

    Eplet Bike rental


    6879 Solvorn

    Bike rental in Solvorn





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